The First & the only seat cover with airbag capability in Egypt

It’s crucial to choose

airbag-compatible seat covers if your car is equipped with seat-mounted side airbags. Some of these covers feature a special type of stitching designed to burst when the airbag deploys, while others incorporate a weak zone that allows the airbag to deploy through the fabric

Considerations for Finding the Right Fit

Before shopping around for seat covers, you must take accurate measurements of your seats to get a good fit. You should measure both length and width and record other details, such as side armrests, reclining levers, or headrests, that may affect the size of the cover you need.

Compatibility Is Key

Whether you choose universal or custom-fit seat covers, it’s a good idea to keep several compatibility questions in mind when buying. For example, late-model cars equipped with side airbags integrated into the front seatbacks require a specific type of cover designed to let the airbag deploy. So, At Automobilek you do not have to worry about this.

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Automobilak Is one of the leading hug company founded by Emad Mohamed who Implemented a new Concept Designs By adding an essential into the car.

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