Paint Protection Films Title now affordable at Automobilek

Have a new car that you want to keep looking perfect? Protect it against scratches and dings with paint protection film. At Automobilek, we’re here to help you learn all about this fantastic product. We specialize in providing high-quality pre-cut paint protection film to meet all your vehicle needs. Read up on the facts to make an informed decision and start protecting your car today!

  • 18 Months warranty
  • Extremely high gloss
  • HydroResist™ top coat repels water, dirt and stains
  • Self-healing technology
  • Highly durable and stays flawless against rock chips, road debris, and insects
  • 2-in-1 ceramic coating properties and paint protection film defense
  • technology for super hydrophobic properties, making your car stay clean for longer
  • Deep shine and uparalleled clarity with zero orange peel finish
  • Superior self-healing
  • Ultra defense against scratches, rock chips and environmental hazards

Made in China

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