The car pedal is the place closest to the heart of Dirt

Because it receives the shoes of the passengers and the car driver .. It must be recognized that the cleanliness of the car from the inside and outside gives a great feeling to the driver and passengers of the car .. In this report, we offer some advice on how to wash the car pedal.

The driver must remove the pedals, so you will not clean them inside the car, so they must be removed first and cleaned underneath with a vacuum cleaner.

You should not forget under the seats while cleaning, because a lot of dust collects under the pedal, so you should start with the pedals.

Start by washing the pedals using soapy water and a few drops of vinegar .. The pedals should be dried with a piece of dry cloth after washing them, then put them back in their place in the car.

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After washing the car, buy an air freshener for cars with a good smell, to eliminate the smell of dust and add an aesthetic touch to you and the car’s passengers.

Leave the car a little in the sun, preferably early in the morning so that the sun’s rays are not at their peak.

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